What do we offer?

Personalized attention, solutions, security and guarantee.

We optimize the resources of clients, based on the analysis of the necessities of your business, enterprise or Pyme.

Through an initial auditory we present our action plan that includes prevention, procedures, management and improvements of the informatic.

The complexity and constant upgrade of the informatic systems and the growth and expansion of the technology made today in the enterprises that need permanent technical assistance. We count with trained professionals to respond satisfactorily the needs of our clients. Our technical equipment is on constant capacitation and committed with the quality and optimization of the service.

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Commercial continuity services

We help plan any unseen problem that could emerge, and cause loses to the business. While natural disasters can not be avoided, enterprises can make plans to ensure that the business stars shortly after the calamity is over.

Business continuity services

The management of the IT infrastructure, as well as network installation, the new software, the connection with the servers and the maintenance of the commercial system are part of the technological services. The general performance of the business depends on this.

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Consulting services

Stabilize the commercial system, keep it flexible and guarantee that it is scalable is crucial if an enterprise wishes to expand in the market. The company offers personalized solutions for every enterprise.

Network management services

To manage the enterprise network is not an easy task. From the planning to the installation and the management of the network, we take care of it all. The network design can be simple or complex.

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The management systems of data base components are important on the infrastructure of an organization.

We provide:

  • Installation and configuration data base servers.
  • Deploy and configuration of SQL.
  • Optimization and tuning of SQL.
  • Database migration.
  • Implementation of replication.
  • Consulting and support of Reporting, Analysis Services and integration services.
  • Deployment and security audit.
  • Administration and database optimization training.


During preventive maintenance, we will do an external and internal cleanse will be performed on the equipment checking mobile parts, lubricating them and changing them as required, in this way we will achieve to extend useful life of all computer team.

With an efficient preventive maintenance routine, we will achieve to reduce the quantity of visits for corrective maintenance and thus equipment will have less failure.

During corrective maintenance, that could be remote or on site, it will configure, install the hardware or software according to the flaws that the computer might be presenting, and this way make it work its full potential.



By having your servers working on the cloud you will no longer have to think of physical space for the development of your business activities, you will no longer have to worry for energy cuts, problems with your internet provider, etc. The cloud will give you availability always 100% online.

Cloud services have accessible prices in comparison to buying a hardware and having it working on a physical space, you will not have to think of the electrical consumption cost, internet, software, etc. Accessible development of computer solutions to optimize the computer budget.

Cloud services were born as the answer for big international corporation needs, with the future of technology and cheaper costs, these services that were reserved for few, today are available to any development no matter their character.

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Assets Management

This helps enterprises to maintain the transparency of their assets and know how, when and where to invest. It facilitates to assign the precise tools to the right people in the right time to obtain the maximum performance.

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Data processing and migration

Data management is another hard task for companies. Data is crucial and must be protected of sabotage and corruption. From the compilation of raw data to the presentation on several ways, the company handles it.

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Security information data.

We take seriousness and we seek the confidence to recommend a set of preventive and reactive measures of the organizations and technological systems that allow to back up and protect the information seeking to maintain confidentiality, availability and integrity of the data.

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Microsoft support

Adaptation and implementation of office365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, others) and all accessories, installation of your operative system both on a PC serves, oriented to your needs.

On site
priority support


How long can you be disconnected before it affects your business?

If your server fail, can your staff continue to work? Who do you call when something is wrong? We provide reliable IT service in situ and remote to competitive prices to maintain your functioning systems and help you quickly when they fall.


Virtualization technology allows us to treat an operative system as a simple archive. We can back it up to a 100% without affecting the operative continuity, move on to a different hardware easily, fix separately another installed system over the same hardware, and update it. This technology allows us to give the correct answer to each case.

Additionality the virtualization has the advantage of being able to run multiple operative systems over the same hardware. This allows us to take advantage of its capacity to the maximum, avoiding the purchase of additional equipment and saving significative amounts of money.


Logical security solutions

We have solutions and applications that maintain the internal and external network under control, avoiding inactivity times on organizations, because we guarantee the availability of uninterrupted network, due to the identification and deleting flaws through the monitoring of the applications and devices on all areas and departments.

That is why on MM systems solutions we guarantee upgrades permanent security solutions, to make your network safe and effective.

Firewall, antispam and antivirus

We offer installation, configuration and maintenance of firewalls since it is the ideal point to monitor the safety of the network and generate inside the web alarms. An intrusion prevention system (IPS) is a network device that monitors network traffic and system activities, searching for malicious activity. Between its primary functions, we can identify malicious activity and stop it.

Besides the firewall installation, if the client wishes, restrictions can be places on network surfing and internet usage, divided between users groups and schedules to optimize the internet connections and limit the access to entertainment web pages, videos, music, social networks, among others. Protect your computer equipment from possible infections from access to malicious web pages.

Data security

Network security consists in politics and practices adopted to prevent unauthorized access, improper usage, modification or denial of a network and their accessible resources. It involves the authorization to data access and devices, registry and real time control.

  • Security policies
  • Insurance of active directory.
  • Security policies applied to group policy.
  • Security policies applied to permissions and rights on Microsoft networks.
  • Security policies on Microsoft, Office 365.
  • Sophos solutions and Trendmicro.

VPN and remote access

We offer VPN configuration (Virtual Private Network) which is a technology used to connect one or more computers to a private web using internet. Enterprises usually use it so that their employees can access corporate resources that, otherwise, would not be available. The data traffic generated travels coded and that way it makes it difficult for a third party to access and steal confidential information.


Web design and development

MM System Solutions team will assist you in the conception, design, production, maintenance and marketing of your web site. To us, web sites are the result of knowing the mindset and profile of those who are going to consume them, the content that will attract those consumers and will keep them visiting, as well as the marketing strategy to make it get to them, in the United States and abroad.

Network infrastructure support

We carry out structure wiring CAT 5, 6 under ETIA/TIA 58 GB norms for voice, data, armed and Rack communication design and servers along the provision of the necessary equipment for said project.

As well, we perform reorganizing work of existing racks and moving.

By experience we have detected that the infrastructure or cabling are not given as much importance as deserved, reason why we found networks on low performance, micro cuts, among other problems.

CCTV Security System


Analogical and Digital Camaras NVR/DVR

The security of your company, business or home is a critical point, that can not be taken lightly, it is not any person, or any company to which you can give the responsibility of implementing their video surveillance system, in the market there exists an infinity amount of people that offer their services as camara installers, but do they know what they are doing? Do they really perform a previous study to know which camaras to place? Do they take into consideration factors such as luminosity, dirt in the environment, building height, types of lenses, proper recorders?
MM Systems Solutions does design, installation, fine tuning and maintenance of video surveillance systems, parting from an in dept study to determine what the client specifically needs, which are the right components for the right system (camaras, cabling, recorders, network equipment). Additionally, we explain the functionality of the installed system.